SIX ways to keep your ducted reverse cycle system running smoothly.


Clean your filters regularly.

Some really dirty filters that need to be replaced

The picture might be an extreme case but if you never cleaned your filter this could happen. this is the first priorty in maintenance and the number one reason for low performance of equipment. over time dust and particulate matter is filtered from the air and caught by the filter which will eventually block airflow if not cleaned. this will put strain on your system, making it work harder and costing you more money in running costs.


Keep outdoor space clear.

An outdoor air conditioning unit badly restricted

An outdoor unit needs airflow around the unit to function effectively. Please make sure nothing is blocking the outdoor unit restricting any airflow. Like a blocked filter this can cause wear and tear on the machine having to work harder. Any debris that gets inside the machine can cause damage to the coils and electronics.


Keep drains clear.

Make sure condensate drains are clear. This is a pipe that is usally located near the outdoor unit or in the closest gutter to the indoor unit. Leaves, debris and algae can block the end not allowing the system to drain water.

Someone taking down their return air grille to get access to the filter to clean it
Mitsubishi Electric wall mounted LCD controller


Operate system in relation to weather.

Operate system in relation to weather. Setting the temperature to 21°C while its 40°C outside is inefficient and will cost you money in high energy bill costs and put strain on the system. Likewise in winter set temperature low rather than 25°C+. Ideal temperature settings are 22-24°C in summer and 19-21°C in winter, but this is just a guide. Also operate system before extreme temperatures. If the forecast is 40°C+ start the unit earlier.


Use your home to help.

Use your home to help your system. Close north west facing window blinds from the sun in summer. If you have outdoor blinds or shades use them. Keep windows and exterior doors closed and properly sealed to stop air leaks.


Get a check-up

Have your system serviced every few years. When we come check your system we carefully check and maintain electrics, refrigerant, filters, condensate drains, damper operation and ductwork intergrity to ensure your system is healthy.

Do you need maintenance on your air conditioning system?

Family enjoying their Mitsubishi Electric system maintained regularly by Airtech

An air conditioning system like any mechanical product, for example your car, require ongoing maintenance to keep them performing. A preventitive maintenance schedule, a check-up of your system, is a sound investment that can keep your system healthy. We provide maintenance servicing for all of our previous customers. 

Please get in touch with us if you would like to know more.

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