The story behind Mitsubishi Electric and why we choose and recommend Mitsubishi Electric for over 30 years.

Mitsubishi Electric Quality Installation

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation was founded in 1921 when Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Co. (currently Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.) spun off its marine electric motor factory in Kobe. Subsequently, Mitsubishi Electric firmly established itself as a diversified electric equipment manufacturer, branching into nearly every sector related to electric equipment.

For almost 100 years, Mitsubishi Electric has researched and developed technology to bring the most comfortable living into your home. From the world’s first cross-flow fan through to pioneering the idea of split air conditioners, separating the compressor from the indoor unit for quiet and peaceful operation. These technologies have set the benchmark for cooling and heating comfort in the industry.

Mitsubishi early factory
Mitsubishi Electric 100 Years Old
Mitsubishi Electric design CAD
Design and Research
Mitsubishi Electric developing and testing
Development and Testing

From their headquarters in Japan key components pass through multiple stages of meticulous research, relentless testing, and development. As a result, their heat pumps have become more durable, less costly to operate, quieter, easier to install and maintain, and better able to distribute air evenly throughout any type of interior.

Key parts of the system such as the compressor, semiconductor and fan play essential roles in an air conditioning system and as such they are manufactured in-house to guarantee the best quality.

Factories around the world manufacture their products as designed and overseen by their headquarters in Japan. From the United States and Mexico through to Scotland and Italy, each factory can manufacture products for their localised market. In Australia, as part of the Asia-Pacific region our products are made by the Mitsubishi Electric Consumer Products factory in Thailand since the early 1990’s.

Mitsubishi Electric cutting-edge technology and research is not just limited to air conditioning. For example, they provided articulated robots for the Sony Global Manufacturing & Operations manufacturing plant in Tokyo where they build Sony Playstation consoles every 30 seconds.

As a global electronics company, who also produce refrigerators, building systems, factory robot automation and even satellite components, Mitsubishi are able to bring together advanced technologies from these various divisions of expertise to ensure a product of durability that will last for years.

Visually inspecting quality control Mitsubishi Electric
Visually Inspecting Indoor Wall Splits
Welding pipe at factory
Handweld Pipework
Water test outdoor unit Mitsubishi
Salt Water Endurance Test
Testing sound level outdoor unit in anechoic chamber
Sound Level Testing

Mitsubishi Electric continually perform rigorous durability testing of their products in the harshest conditions. From rain and salt water, high and low temperature extremes and exposing them to high voltages. They put their product through these tests so that they can provide the best performance for as long as possible.

Every detail of each product is visually inspected by experienced engineers to ensure that even the smallest of parts are manufactured exactly as they were designed. Sound levels are measured and tested in acoustic anechoic chambers to reach the highest levels of quiet operation.

Testing Mitsubishi Electric components and outdoor endurance in extreme environments

Durability of the air conditioner and parts are tested through extreme simulated environmental wind, rain and drop tests. Quality checks are conducted under these various rigorous environments to ensure durability of the final product.

Testing Mitsubishi Electric in climate laboratory and extreme temperatures

Units are studied and tested in environmental laboratories. These are able to reproduce temperatures from -25oC up to 46oC to put outdoor units through extreme climates to test their operation and confirm their durability.

Testing for abnormalities and power operation of Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners

During production, all units are powered to check operation. Stethoscopes are used to check for any abnormal internal sounds during the operation process. As a final inspection, units are visually checked for scratches or any foreign matter before shipping.

Mitsubishi Electric strive to not just meet but exceed industry standards. Their philosophy is MEQ or Mitsubishi Electric Quality. This MEQ standard results in leading edge technology products such as air conditioners that consume minimal power and protect your investment through a long operational lifespan. They are built to take the punishment of extreme weather conditions year in and out.

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