Practical advice, tips and the latest news to help you with your air conditioning system.

How much does air conditioning cost to run?


What factors need to be considered when calculating air conditioning running costs?

Replace air conditioner

Time to replace your old air conditioner?


Repair or replace your air conditioner? Deciding when and what are the benefits of upgrading?

Replace air conditioner

What is split system air conditioning?


The basic design of split system air conditioning, it's features and advantages.

Maximum Performance

How does an air conditioner work?


Air conditioning 101 - the basic fundamentals and principles of the refrigeration cycle.

Maximum Performance

How to Improve Air Conditioner Performance


Feel like your air conditioner is struggling? Practical advice to help your split system operate efficiently and save money in running costs.

Maximum Performance

How to keep your air conditioning system running smoothly.


Save money in running costs by following some simple tips.

Pulling down an air conditioning return air grille to clean the filter

Have you misplaced your Mitsubishi Electric operating manual?


A list of operating manuals for current and superceeded models from the Mitsubshi Electric range of air conditioning systems.

A collection of Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning operating manuals