The components installed with your ducted air conditioning system must be high quality, durable and reliable. Built to endure Australian weather.

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Premium quality

We carefully select high quality components to complement your system. We have and will reject any inferior products not up to standard.

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Tough and durable

We make sure the components we choose are made from strong, tough materials that will last.

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Our years of practical experience help select reliable components from trusted manufacturers.

Flexible Ductwork

Flexible ducting varies in the thickness of the insulation between the inner lining and jacket providing different degrees of thermal ratings. Basically, the thicker the insulation, the less percentage of temperature loss and the greater reduction in running costs.

From standard lightweight polyester insulation with a thermal rating of R1.0 through to Energy Smart 60mm thick glasswool insulation with a thermal rating of R1.5, resulting in a lower percentage of temperature loss as the conditioned air travels from the machine. This means higher efficiency, quicker climate control and ultimately lower running costs.

Ductair logo Energy Smart R1.5 flexible ductwork
Y-collar made from galvanised metal and polyurethane insulation Return air plenum made from sheet metal and polyurethane insulation

Fittings | Plenums

All fittings we use in our ducted installations are made from 0.6 galvanised solid metal. They are sprayed with polyurethane insulation to minimise temperature loss. 

Because temperatures inside your roof can rise to in excess of 65°C in summer,. we use durable high quality metal fittings. They are sturdy and will not warp, to endure these extreme temperatures inside your roof space.

Outlets | Grilles

Celing and wall outlets, plus the eggcrate return air grille are provided to distrubute the air throughout your installation. We can provide various alternatives to your needs and budget to complement the asthetics of your property.

We use multi directional adustable outlets throughout residential installations. Airflow can be directed and adjusted from each removable grille. They require minimal installation, reducing cost and are easy to adjust and clean and are made from high impact engineering grade plastic.

Linear Slot Diffusers are an alterntive to standard ceiling grilles. Constructed from extruded aluminium with a standard white powder coat finish. They can also be powder coated in various custom colours to suit individual interior design.

Each ceiling return air grille we install is the egg crate type, constructed of aluminium and powder coated in standard white. The core is on a hinge that swings down for easy removal of the filter for cleaning

Standard multi directional ceiling outlet Linear slot diffuser made from aluminium and powder coated white Eggcrate return air grille made from aluminium and powder coated white
Siemens logo Siemens return air damper actuators for residential air conditioning Damper motor body made from metal and polyeurethane insulation

Motor Dampers

The motorised dampers we use in every ducted installation are made by Siemens.

These motors are drive open and close solution that will turn off power once in the open or closed position. They come with a manufacturer 15 year motor warranty.

Like the dutwork fittings, the damper barrel is constructed from galvanised metal with the damper blade sealed with foam insulation to prevent air leakage while the damper is closed.

Let us design a system for you with quality components

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As you can see there are numerous components and alternatives to any ducted system. When you get in touch with us we can discuss with you the various differences and what would be the most suitable for your needs.

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