What is split system air conditioning?

What is split system air conditioning

The basic design of split system air conditioning, it's features and advantages.

Air conditioners used to be combined into a single box, the condenser, evaporator and compressor all housed together. You can still see these box type units in old high rise buildings.

The main problem was the noise level of the compressor especially in bedrooms for people trying to sleep. For example, the discontinued Mitsubishi Electric MWH-17KV (5kW) window unit produced noise levels of 58dB inside. 

Technology advanced so that the condenser and compressor could be “split” from the evaporator connected by copper pipe to carry the refrigerant.

The benefits being the noise of the compressor remained outside while the only noise heard inside was the fan. Mitsubishi Electric technology has advanced to the point that noise levels on some split systems are as low as 19dB. That’s close to near silence.

MWH17KV window unit diagram
Typical standard wall split installation

Most people think of the rectangular shaped wall units when they think of split system air conditioning. But while the outdoor unit remains similar the indoor unit can be any number of different types. From fan coils for ducted systems, ceiling cassettes, under ceiling units, floor consoles and more.

The flexibility of a split air conditioning system allows for installation in different scenarios. The distance between the indoor and outdoor units can vary allowing for installation of outdoor units on the ground, rooftops or wall brackets.

Another advantage is the structural modifications required for installation. While the old box-type window systems required a spare window or a large hole penetration, split system installations only require a hole for the refrigeration pipes, drain and electrical wiring.

Why install a split system air conditioner?

A professionally installed split air conditioning system can provide you with optimal levels of comfort while keeping noise levels to whisper quietness.

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An air conditioning system that is reliable and quality built, like Mitsubishi Electric, can help keep your cool in summer and warm in winter.

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